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CPET Trays -- Dual Ovenable/Microwaveable

Home Meal Replacement
Seal-N-Serve is a complete sealing system, including manual heat sealers, film and trays. It is excellent for small enterprises, test markets and central commissaries serving Meals on Wheels programs.

Stock Tray List

CPET trays, Stock items (2000 series)
Seal-N-Serve dual-ovenable trays have a wide temperature range from -40°F to +400°F. Do not use under broiler or in toaster oven. Available in black and white. When using trays in conventional oven, always place trays on a cookie sheet. Trays should be removed from the oven on the cookie sheet.

Polypropylene trays, Stock items (5000 Series)
Cost effective microwaveable-only trays for use in temperatures ranging from 0 to +260°F. Available in black.

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